A Definitive Ranking of The Best Chanukah Parody Videos of 2015


With so many Christmas albums out there, Chanukah tunes tend to fall through the cracks. We can always count on well-known groups like The Maccabeats to provide us with Chanuk-a-capella (see their renditions such as “Candlelight,” “Burn” and “All About That Neis,” to name a few), but what about others?

Well, lucky for us, 2015 had plenty in store as far as both hit songs to parody as well as different groups giving them a nice Jewish spin. Get it? Like you spin a dreidel? Moving on.

Here is a definitive list of the best (or worst) videos that came out of Chanukah 2015:

“A One Direction Hanukkah” by Erez Cohen Music

This is the mashup you never knew you needed. For any One Direction fan — be it newcomer or diehard — this video is delightful all the way from the song choices to the stellar ugly Chanukah sweaters. This collaboration between Erez Cohen, Six13, A.K.A. Pella and The Y-Studs draws upon One Direction classics such as “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Live While We’re Young” but also the boy band’s more recent hits, such as “Perfect” and “Drag Me Down” from last month’s release, Made in the A.M. A standout in the parody is the riff on “Story of My Life,” which became “Story of My Lights.” The vocalist hitting the high notes almost rivals Harry Styles himself. Almost. One Direction may be going on hiatus for the next two years (I’m not crying, you’re crying) but this video is one that will surely last and fill that gap during the holidays.

8 out of 8 Chanukiah Candles

“Latke Recipe” by The Maccabeats

Watching this clip, you’d think The Maccabeats would put their own spin on Chanukah banter like they usually do, but they literally just sang about how to make latkes — and it worked. The a capella group has graced us with a new creative holiday song each year since 2010 — “Candlelight,” “All About That Neis,” “Burn,” “Shine” — and this year, they mimicked the summer hit “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. But if you’re watching these nice Jewish boys pretending to make latkes in an unheated frying pan and wondering, “How do I actually make these things?” Have no fear: They also uploaded a step-by-step video tutorial of how to make latkes. Happy frying!

7 out of 8 Chanukiah Candles 

“Pot in the Latkes” by MC Flow

Disclaimer: This is not your bubbe’s Chanukah song. But if you find weed jokes entertaining, this video will make you laugh hysterically and crave some munchies. Seth Rogen and his recently Bar Mitzvahed buddy James Franco would be proud. Unlike other parodies that try to tell the story of Chanukah, this song just supplies the modern idea of pot latkes, or “potkes.” I’m pretty sure this is how the majority of Jews celebrated Chanukah in Colorado because “kosher edibles are incredible.”

7 out of 8 Chanukiah Candles 

“Watch Me (Spin/ Drey-Drey)” by Six13

Six13 makes us laugh again this holiday by parodying 2015’s silliest/trendiest dance crazes: Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae),” Drake’s meme-inspiring “Hotline Bling” and an oldie but a goodie, Chedda Da Connect’s “Flicka Da Wrist.” (Yes, these are actually the artists’ names.) Rewording rap songs to tell the ancient tale of the Jewish people is always a good time. They definitely get points for originality, not holding back on their awkward dancing and including fans in the video. But after further investigation, they lose points for reusing footage from their hit last year, the Taylor Swift “Chanukah (Shake It Off)” parody in the first few shots. Better luck next year (in Jerusalem).

6 out of 8 Chanukiah Candles 

“Chanukah Song Part 4” by Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler gave us another taste of his Jewish geography name-game Chanukah songs during Thanksgiving, just like a pre-holiday stocking stuffer.

The “Hanukkah Song” is a classic that has been beloved by Chanukah and marijuan-ica lovers for the past two decades. With all the new parodies created each year, this one never disappoints and is sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

But of all four versions, the original 1994 Saturday Night Live performance with a baby-faced Sandler is clearly the best. It has the best references to famous Jews, unlike this new one featuring shoutouts to the voice behind Queen Elsa from “Frozen” and Subway’s previous spokesman Jared Fogle, who, in my opinion, cannot compare to the quaint Jewish celebs like Goldie Hawn and Arthur Fonzarelli mentioned in Part One.

The original song is the equivalent of a hot, steaming plate of latkes, while versions two and three are the sour cream and applesauce, leaving Part Four as the burnt potato duds you graciously eat so you don’t make your family friend who cooked them feel bad.

5 out of 8 Chanukiah Candles 

“Shalom” by Blau Bright Productions


“Hello, it’s me” is decidedly not something Adele would say to this parody of her recent hit. While the moody sepia filter on Adele’s video highlighted her incredible cat eye skills, the same cannot be said for this video. The concept is good; a parody on the British songstress’ single was bound to spin onto the horizon this Chanukah season. And, yeah, I know — it’s supposed to be funny — not meant to be taken seriously. But the singer’s voice falls flat more often than not, which makes it difficult to get through the whole whopping 6-minutes-long (!) video. It had a few good moments (“Hello from the kosher aisle”) but overall, it’s painful to listen to. Also, the applesauce-in-the-beard scene at the end? No thank you. You will not be able to unsee it.

1 out of 8 Chanukiah Candles and a streak of straight “nun”s during a game of dreidel 


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