Letters, The Week of Dec. 3, 2015


Community members express anger with the Jewish Exponent and talk about the ADL.

A Looming Disaster of Biblical Proportions
The Lord warned Abraham and the Jewish people, in Genesis 16:12, that the Arab people would always be at war with us, and would be like wild animals. In spite of this Divine warning, the Jewish Exponent, once again, has chosen Leftism over Judaism.
In the Nov. 16 issue, the cover story implied that all good Jews must support the unrestricted entry into America of Muslim “refugees,” supposedly from Syria. These “refugees” have shown a deep hatred for Jews, Christians and Israel, and do not even promise to act civilly or in an appreciative fashion.
These refugee invaders see their admission as a right, and appear to be nothing more than a Muslim Trojan Horse. These invaders cannot be vetted, and some of them have already invaded Europe as ISIS operatives, such as some of the Paris terrorists. These invaders are not vetted for health or deadly communicable diseases. Once admitted as refugees, they are given access to the solid gold “trough,” including free housing, medical, food and welfare payments — all at American taxpayer expense. The Tsarnaev brothers showed their “appreciation” for our kindness by detonating pressure-cooker terrorist bombs at the Boston Marathon. They were similarly admitted as Muslim refugees, and provided with “soup to nuts” handouts.
Although they promised to behave, strategic lying (Taqiyyah) is an integral pillar of Islam.
The cover photo on the article implies that Jews do and should support these mostly Muslim “invaders,” to the severe danger of Jews, Christians and America. This photo, interestingly, was taken at a recent moveon.org demonstration of a few hundred Left wing “useful idiots.” The larger photo, which is available on the photographer’s Internet page, shows many people carrying moveon.org-prepared signs and wearing Muslim headscarves.
When will the Exponent start supporting Judaism and Israel, and drop the dangerous Leftist agenda of moveon.org?
When will the Exponent start listening to the words of God, and stop reflexively taking a Leftist party line??
Howard Hyman | Jamison, Pa.
Setting the Record Straight on ADL’s Campus Outreach
The writer of the letter entitled “Do Something to Support Students” (Nov. 19) is, unfortunately, in the dark about the Anti-Defamation League and our significant work on college campuses. Our recent ADL report, “Anti-Israel Activity on Campus, 2014-2015: Trends and Projections,” exposes BDS, the tactics used by the movement and makes projections for this academic year. We sponsor Words to Action, an interactive education program for college and pre-college students designed to empower and equip students with effective responses to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias on campus. In an effort to directly engage Jewish and pro-Israel groups and students on campuses, ADL launched @CampusADL, a Twitter handle providing students with backgrounders, as well as alerts to upcoming events and campaigns on their campus. ADL also encourages university administrators to speak out against divestment resolutions, assert that their campus will not entertain divestment and take proactive steps to ensure a safe and hospitable environment for all students. ADL is, in fact, “doing something” every day in support of Israel and our college students.
Nancy K. Baron-Baer, Regional Director, ADL


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