Kohelet Yeshiva High Receives $8.6 Million Gift From Kohelet Foundation


Thanksgiving and Chanukah came early this year for Kohelet Yeshiva High, following news that it received an $8.6 million gift.

Thanksgiving and Chanukah have come early this year for Kohelet Yeshiva High in Merion Station, following news that it has received an $8.6 million gift from the Kohelet Foundation that will help cover the school’s operational expenses over the next five years. Of that amount, $1.1 million will go to the school’s Matmidim program and its STEM research initiative.

“The Kohelet Foundation’s extraordinary generosity ensures that a Kohelet Yeshiva education is available not only to today’s students but also creates a springboard to generate support for the children of our community for many years to come,” said an appreciative Kohelet Head of School, Rabbi Dr. Gil Perl, “This gift represents the launching point for the school’s long-term fiscal plan. We hope the Kohelet Foundation’s gift will be a clarion call to the entire Jewish community. Greater Philadelphia is a vibrant and dynamic place to live a Modern Orthodox life.”

The school is hoping others will follow the foundation’s lead. “It is our hope that this gift and the partnership with the Kohelet Foundation will be a positive example that prompts others in our community to invest in Jewish day school education,” said Kohelet Yeshiva’s board chair, Dr. Diane Fenner Zwillenberg. “We feel very blessed to have such outstanding, visionary and passionate Jewish leadership in our very own community. It is an honor and a privilege that the Kohelet Foundation has chosen to bestow this transformative gift on the Kohelet Yeshiva High School.”

According to foundation founder and president, David Magerman, the decision to invest in Kohelet Yeshiva was made to ensure the likelihood the local Orthodox community will continue to flourish. “Kohelet Yeshiva High School represents the very best of Modern Orthodoxy and the future of our community,” said Magerman. “Its commitment to halacha and authentic Torah study for both young men and young women is strong. Its proudly Zionist ideology and its unwavering commitment to preparing students for the highest level of university and graduate study is what our community and our people need if we are to survive and to thrive.”

The Matmidim Program is aimed at encouraging students to extend their Torah study beyond the school day by participating in national Talmud and Bible competitions as well as in Torah-focused summer programs. The STEM research program, which encompasses Science, Technology, Engineering and Math will give students an opportunity to perfect their skills in those area prior to graduation.

Since 2009, the Kohelet Foundation has contributed tens of millions of dollars to the Jewish day school field, becoming a leading donor in Greater Philadelphia and nationwide.

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