Letters, the week of October 22, 2015


US response to the terror in Israel, Jews helping refugees and Ann Coulter Editorial.

The World’s Policeman Is Off-Duty
I can’t understand the article by Melissa Apter (Cover Story, Oct. 15), who, referring to the violence in Israel, states, “Thus far, the United States has seemingly done little more than condemn the
violence and remind all parties that they are monitoring the situation.” What would she have us do? Should the United States ask Israel if we could take over their governance? Would she have us station American soldiers on each street corner in Jerusalem? We try to deal with our problems here. Should we also assume the responsibility for Israel’s domestic problems as well?
Martin Gingold | Warwick
Time for a Change on Policy of Helping
While it is certainly admirable to lead charitable efforts to care for the “migrants/refugees” from Syria, this is yet another example of misplaced Jewish community priorities — caring for others, in this case our enemies, at our own peril. (“On Refugee Crisis, Jewish Community Moves From Words to Action” Oct. 15). The article mentions that the American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has raised almost $1 million this year for this effort. But at a time when Israeli Jews are being stabbed, maimed and murdered in broad daylight on the streets of the only Jewish nation on the planet by knife-wielding Arabs — many of whom are jihadis — in unprecedented attacks in the nature of an intifada, it is unseemly that this focus and funds should not go to the Israeli Jewish victims and their families for compensation and support. How about moving from “words to action” for our own protection, our own self-preservation and sovereignty?  We are indeed a “stiff-necked people,” but if we do not get our priorities straight soon, we will be doomed by our own hand.
Lee Bender | Ardmore
Derision for Coulter, Defense of Clinton
Of all the editorials you could have published in a full-page format this week, you chose a defense of Ann Coulter (“Ann Coulter is not an anti-Semite,” Oct. 8). During a week in which 10 people were gunned down by another disturbed, hate-filled young man, you chose to publish a defense of somebody who not only spews hatred but incites it in others. We as a Jewish community have an obligation to promote civility not to promote those who make their living by doing the exact opposite. The Jewish Federation through its JCRC seeks to promote civil discourse and an editorial like this harms its good work.
Moreover, the statement made by the author regarding Hillary Clinton is not correct according to Snopes, as well as the candidate herself. This quote comes from a book by author Jerry Oppenheimer, a former reporter for the National Enquirer, that claims Hillary Clinton slurred Paul Fray, an advisor during Clinton’s unsuccessful 1974 congressional run. Secretary Clinton is and always has been an ardent supporter of the Jewish community and of Israel. Jewish Exponent, I thought you were better than this!
Jill Zipin | Horsham


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