Newsmakers, the Week of October 1, 2015


Judge Ramy Djerassi, Rick Forman, Perelman Jewish Day School’s Stern Center  and the Arthur and Estelle Sidewater House.

American Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) announced that Judge Ramy Djerassi of Philadelphia has joined its Board of Directors. Djerassi was elected to the bench of the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas in 2003. Previously, he served as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia and was a litigation specialist in private practice. He is past president of Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel and sits on the board of directors of AJC Philadelphia / Southern New Jersey Region. He is also a co-trustee of the Djerassi Foundation, which contributes to a variety of Jewish interest organizations throughout the Philadelphia area and abroad. Judge Djerassi holds an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a J.D. from Tulane University.
Rick Forman, the CEO of Forman Mills, the discount warehouse clothing chain, has reached out to Sister Mary Scullion and Project Home, in honor of Pope Francis and the organizers of the Papal Visit, and will donate $20,000 worth of clothing. This was a way for Forman to show his appreciation for Pope Francis’ commitment to helping the homeless.
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Rick Forman
Perelman Jewish Day School’s Stern Center launched a yearlong initiative in which water will be a theme integrated at every grade level, into each subject, from math and science to language arts and Jewish studies.
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Predicting and discovering were also required as students learned about surface tension, cohesion and adhesion. Gan-2nd graders estimated the number of water drops that could be placed on the surface of a penny. Using a plastic pipette, students carefully added drops one at a time to test their predictions.
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Perelman students with the ice water colors they created using colored ice cubes to tie dye pieces of fabric on which were written water-themed words in both Hebrew and English.

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Perelman 3rd-5th grade engineers built water canals using aluminum foil, paper towel rolls and masking tape. Their challenge was to design a tool to carry water from an elevated plane to an empty cup on the ground. Using teamwork and creativity, students harnessed their skills to find the most successful way to accomplish their task.

White Pines Productions and the senior residents of Federation Housing, Inc.’s Arthur and Estelle Sidewater House in Northeast Philadelphia presented “Who We Are,” an original production about participants’ lives, including Hope Sohn, a Holocaust survivor. It was the culmination of a 12- week “artist-in-residence” led by Jerry Perna, White Pines’ director of senior programs.
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Sidewater House resident Albert Piatetski; Jerry Perna, Director of Senior Programs, White Pines Productions; Sidewater House resident Hope Sohn; Goldstein Apartments resident Neil Prussel.


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