June Robbins


June Robbins (nee Rocklin), of Broomall, wife of the late Melvin Robbins, celebrated her 89th birthday on September 20th, with a flight in a B-24,  the plane in which her husband served in the U. S. Navy as a starboard waist machine gunner over the English Channel during WWII.

She also celebrated with a family gathering in Isles of Palms, SC with daughter Gloria Joffe, grandchildren Jennifer Joffe, Blake Joffe, great-grandson Sterling Joffe and other family members.  She celebrated with family, back at home, as well.

June won several medals at the Delco Senior Games this past June.  She taught a class on Humor at the DCCC Elder Week.  She has been an active volunteer as a clown, through Senior Community Services.

June Robbins represented the “Rosies” (Rosie the Riveter), of WWII when the Dutch government honored her and several other women who contributed to the War effort.

The Embassy of the Netherlands, in D.C., invited her to Holland where she was honored, on behalf of all the Rosies, at the WWII museum in Groesbeek, The Netherlands.

She met King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima at Arlington Cemetery, in D. C., where they honored the Rosies and the 82nd Airborne for saving the lives of their citizens through Operation Chowhound’s food drop.

June is the mother of 7, grandmother of 18, and great-grandmother of 8.


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