Letters week of September 17, 2015


A way out of the Iran Deal, slanted reporting on the Iran deal and American Airlines are discussed this week.

A Way out of Iran Deal
Does a surprising requirement hidden deep in the Corker Bill’s heart kill the Iran Deal?
The Corker Bill requires the President to: “determine whether the President is able to certify that Iran has not taken any [new] action including covert action, that could significantly advance its nuclear weapons program.” 
How can the President certify that Iran lacks covert nuclear weapons programs if Iran refuses anytime, anywhere inspections at sites it deems to be “military?” Because the Iran deal flunks this test, Congress may not proceed to vote on it under the Corker Bill’s procedures.
Additionally, the Corker Bill requires the President to give Congress the “text of the agreement and all related materials and annexes, thereafter starting a 60-day Congressional pre-vote review. The review period may not start while any related materials and annexes remain secret.
This means that voting to approve the Iran deal violates your oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the federal laws, one of which is the Corker Bill. The Corker Bill requires a “no” vote because Iran rejects anywhere, anytime inspections, opening the door to covert nuclear actions. Similarly, you must vote “no” because Obama has not given Congress the text of the agreement and all related materials and annexes as required.
Marc Pevar | vice president, Zionist Organization 
of America Greater Philadelphia District
Enough With Slanted Reporting, Already
Once again, your paper has taken a completely one-sided position on the current debate about the Iran accord. On the front page, we see “South Jersey Jews Tackle the Iran Deal” (Aug. 27). No stories about those Jewish communities supporting the deal.
On page 5, “U.S. Rabbis Sign Letter Opposing Nuclear Agreement.” No story about the hundreds of rabbis who signed the Ameinu statement in favor of the deal. Although hard numbers are difficult to find right now, it appears that American Jews are fairly even split on this agreement.
You would never know it from reading the Exponent.
Rabbi Elliot Strom | Yardley
Whither the Friendly Skies?
It was reported recently that US Airways, now merged with American Airlines, is canceling their flights to Israel (cover story, 
Aug. 27). This was the only nonstop flight from Philadelphia. The airline claims it lost money on the route, but those planes were always full! The real reason is compliance with the nefarious Arab boycott of Israel. It’s about time for us Jews to strike back at these boycotters. Let us boycott US Airways, American Airlines and, while we’re at it, countries who have joined BDS such as Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg and New Zealand.
Morris Olitsky | Havertown


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