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Under the leadership of Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia President Bud Newman and CEO Naomi L. Adler, Esq., the executive team guide the Jewish Federation’s work.

Under the leadership of Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia President Bud Newman and CEO Naomi L. Adler, Esq., the Jewish Federation’s executive team, along with their volunteers and staff, guide the Jewish Federation’s work to ensure the organization effectively serves as the Greater Philadelphia Jewish community’s central convener, fundraiser and funder.
Over the past year, Newman and Adler have worked to build the executive team, which was officially solidified in June.
Read on to learn more about the team members’ roles and goals.
Andy Behrend
Chief Development Officer
Behrend oversees all major aspects of the Jewish Federation’s fundraising, including Leadership Philanthropy, Women’s Philanthropy, the Renaissance Group for adults ages 22 to 45, Endowments and Missions. One of Behrend’s main reasons for joining the Jewish Federation in June: “I identify with the Jewish Federation’s mission to help those in need, enrich Jewish life and learning and support Israel and overseas.”
In his relatively new role, Behrend sees one of his biggest challenges as addressing the fact that the Jewish Federation “has lost a lot of donors over the last 10 years. I know there are many stories behind this. Instead of getting caught up in the past, I want to move forward and see how, over time, we can bring back many of these donors.”
Noting the success of the Jewish Federation Real Estate (JFRE) affinity group for real estate professionals, Behrend believes there is a way for the Jewish Federation to engage even more working professionals. “I see great potential for us to bring back more business and trade affinity groups that, like JFRE, will be focused on Jewish content, networking and community, and will help the Jewish Federation in many ways.”
Behrend’s top short-term goal is to meet with as many donors as he can, to thank them for their generosity and find out what motivates them to support the Jewish Federation. “As I look more into the future, in addition to being focused on attracting past donors, I want us to be working on different strategies to bring in new donors from the community. In looking at improving our relationships with donors, I want us to look internally at how we can better steward and thank our donors. And finally as it relates to key goals down the road I would love to see us start to have more conversations with donors about setting up an endowed/planned gift. Also I want to work with staff and volunteers to ensure we get out the message that no one gift touches more Jewish lives than a gift to the Jewish Federation.”
Behrend can be reached at 215-832-0635 or
Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D. 
Chief Program and Strategy Officer
As Chief Program and Strategy Officer, Glanzberg-Krainin oversees Jewish Federation’s work in the community. She supervises the work of the Center for Jewish Life and Learning, Center for Social Responsibility, Center for Israel and Overseas, Jewish Community Relations Council, Government Affairs department and Evaluation and Research department. In this newly created position, Glanzberg-Krainin ensures Jewish Federation’s grant process is strategic and aligns with the mission of the organization. This includes working with the grantees and other Jewish community partners, to “build our Jewish community in Philadelphia, Israel and around the world.”
Joining Jewish Federation in April 2015, she was drawn to the organization by the idea that “Jewish Federation can be a convener to help all kinds of Jews live productive and meaningful lives,” she says.
This year she plans to work with CEO Naomi Adler to make Jewish Federation an even more inclusive place for Jews in the Greater Philadelphia area.
Glanzberg-Krainin can be reached at 215.832.0586 or
Jerome Nachlis, CPA, CGMA
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Nachlis joined Jewish Federation after more than 25 years of for-profit industry experience. As Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, he oversees the Finance, Treasury, Human Resources, Information Technology and Building Operations departments. This includes safeguarding the assets of the Jewish Federation, including its five campuses, and assuring the Financial Statements and the 990s are prepared in accordance with the appropriate accounting and tax guidelines.
Nachlis says his role at the Jewish Federation is the perfect combination of professional skills and his passion. “By working at the Jewish Federation, I spend my time helping to ensure a Jewish future not only for my family but for others as well.”
This year, Nachlis plans to maintain and continue to strengthen internal controls and to safeguard all assets. Beyond strengthening the Jewish Federation internally, he also will focus on addressing, from a community perspective, issues surrounding the real estate owned by Jewish Federation and utilized by many agencies.
He looks forward to working closely with the rest of the leadership team. “The more we function as a team, the more efficient and supportive we are for each other, the more we will be able to accomplish and contribute to both donors and to our community here in Philadelphia, in Israel and overseas,” Nachlis says.
Nachlis can be reached at 215-832-0807 or
Steven Rosenberg
Chief Marketing Officer
In addition to overseeing Jewish Federation’s Events and Community Campaign groups, Rosenberg leads all marketing and communication efforts, aiming to get all staff and volunteers to be consistent with the messaging of the Jewish Federation so that the community is fully aware of the work the organization performs. In addition, Rosenberg is the Publisher’s Representative and General Manager of the Jewish Exponent, overseeing the operation of the newspaper that serves close to 25,000 households each week, as well as, the vibrant Web portal that offers news, commentary and other great content relating to the Philadelphia Jewish community.
This year, he plans to bring into focus what the Jewish Federation does and how many people the organization helps each year. Rosenberg was surprised to learn just how many people the Jewish Federation helps when he began working at Jewish Federation in November 2014.
“We want people to refer to us as the JEWISH Federation, not just federation,” he says. “There are many federations – teachers, nurses, firefighters, dogcatchers, etc. There is only one JEWISH Federation and it’s important that people understand that at the root of all the good we do are our Jewish values and traditions.”
“The misconception is that all Jews have money,” he continues. “That isn’t the case. There are a lot of people who need a lot of help just to make sure they have one good meal a day. To be able to do the work that helps raise the money to support these good people is really very moving.”
Rosenberg can be reached at 215.832.0577 or


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