Diplomat’s Leaked Telegram Reveals Concerns About American Jewish Stance on Iran Deal


Yaron Sideman sent a telegram to Jerusalem stating that American Jews don't stand united as a community behind Israel.

A Haaretz article Thursday claimed that the consul general of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic Region, Yaron Sideman, sent a telegram to Jerusalem stating that American Jews do not stand united as a community supporting Israel.
In the leaked missive, Sideman said the American Jewish community is split over their opinions on the Iran deal, which has been widely condemned by the Israeli government. He attributed the divide to being caught between supporting Israel and dealing with the political conflict in the U.S.
The telegram was sent on Tuesday, “warning about the sentiments in the Jewish community toward Israel’s campaign against the deal,” according to Haaretz.
Sideman wrote in the telegram that an unnamed CEO of one of the Jewish Federations in the Mid-Atlantic region — which includes Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, West Virginia, Kentucky and Southern New Jersey — told him that in relation to Israel’s low standing with the Obama administration, the deal itself could negatively impact the Jewish community.
According to Haaretz’s copy of the telegram, the CEO said, “In the next year and a half (until the end of President Barack Obama’s term) Israel’s and the Jewish communities’ maneuvering space regarding advancing Israel’s interests is extremely limited to nonexistent.” Sideman added that this CEO supports the deal.
Michael Alexander, the director of governmental affairs and press for the Consulate General of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic Region, said the telegram was internal correspondence and the consulate could not comment on it. 
The Jewish Exponent was unable to get a statement from the CEO, but several polls show that his opinion is not uncommon.
The level of American Jewish support for the deal depends on which poll is cited. The L.A. Jewish Journal, for instance, discovered that 48 percent of American Jews support the deal, and 53 percent agreed that Congress should approve it. 
J Street found more support, saying 60 percent of American Jews support it. 
On the other hand, Pew Research Center found that only 38 percent of Americans in general approve of the deal.
The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia issued a statement opposing the nuclear deal Thursday. Part of the statement includes the following:
“There is no reason to increase the amount of risk to Israel, the most likely and eventual target for any action from Iran. Even without nuclear weapons, Iran has been a destabilizing force in the region; it is a country that supports terrorism, violates human rights and continually threatens to annihilate Israel. As American Jews, we must also worry about the continued threats and hatred directed at the United States of America.”
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