Tikkun Olam Society Launched

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is launching its Tikkun Olam Society, a group designed to recognize those who leave an endowment gift of any size to the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. This new society is gearing up for its official roll-out at the Circle of Partners Celebration on Monday, June 22.
“Because every gift for the future of our Jewish community is important, the Tikkun Olam Society was created to recognize those people who have made a commitment to Jewish Federation through their estate plan,” says Rachel Gross, Jewish Federation’s director of planned giving and endowments.
The Tikkun Olam Society reinforces the idea that one does not have to be wealthy to make a legacy gift. “There is a place at the Jewish Federation for anyone who cares about making our future Jewish community viable and stable for the next generation,” says senior endowment officer Ellen Sklar.
Sklar adds, “One of the tenets of Judaism is that ‘we are responsible for one another.’ And each of us has an obligation to sustain the community.”
Betty Pechenick and Joyce and Morris Shor will be the first Tikkun Olam honorees at this year’s Circle of Partners Celebration.
To join the Tikkun Olam Society, call Ellen Sklar, senior endowment officer, at 215-832-0574 or email: esklar@jfgp.org


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