Backstreet Boys Arrive in Israel


The band is due to give three performances beginning May 19 after canceling three shows last summer due to the Gaza conflict.

JERUSALEM — The American pop band Backstreet Boys has arrived in Israel.

The band, whose popularity was at its peak in the 1990s, is scheduled to give three performances in Ra’anana May 19-21. They landed in Israel on Sunday from their last performance in Thailand.

The Backstreet Boys are scheduled to tour Israel prior to Tuesday’s performance, including trips to the Galilee, the Sea of ​​Galilee, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, the Hebrew-language Ynet website reported.

The band, on its first visit to Israel, is accompanied by an entourage of about 25 people.

The band cancelled three sold-out performances last July due to the Gaza conflict. At the time of the cancellation, the band promised to reschedule.


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