Letters the Week of April 23, 2015


This week's letters address the issue of food insecurity and President Barack Obama's stance on the pending nuclear deal with Iran.

Food Insecurity Story Left JRA Off the Table

We applaud the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and Har Zion Temple for creating a dynamic lecture series focusing on food insecurity in our Jewish community. Unfortunately, your article, “Federation, Har Zion Team Up to Address Food Insecurity” (Community News from Jewish Federation, April 9) missed an important element of the series.
The program actually kicked off on Sunday, April 12, at the Jewish Relief Agency’s monthly food distribution. The goal was to put a real face on the challenge of food insecurity facing thousands of families in our community. JRA is the largest provider of food support in the Philadelphia Jewish community and boasts an impressive corps of 15,000-plus volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who work tirelessly to provide vital food support to over 3,200 area households in need.
We are proud of our ability to effectively mobilize large numbers of volunteers each month. We are also proud of our partnerships with the individuals and organizations who are participating in the lecture program.
Amy Krulik | Executive Director, Jewish Relief Agency
Kudos for ‘Open Letter’ to Obama on Iran Deal
I would like to thank and express my appreciation to Len Getz for his accurate and well-reasoned assessment of the dangers inherent in the “framework” of President Barack Obama’s proposed nuclear agreement with Iran, as found in his editorial piece, “An Open Letter to the President on the Nuclear Deal” (Opinion, April 16).
His presentation of this desperate, short-sighted, and poorly negotiated attempt at “rapprochement” with a belligerent, untrustworthy regime holds a mirror to this naive attempt at foreign policy, that leaves precious little on the table with regard to the long-term security concerns of Israel, the Middle East and Europe as well as the United States.
Cantor Elliott Tessler | Philadelphia
Writer Got It Right on Obama/Iran Op-Ed
Kudos to the Jewish Exponent for publishing “An Open Letter to the President on the Nuclear Deal” by Len Getz. (Opinion, April 16).
His letter underscores the tragedy of our president’s weakening of American foreign policy.
Shortly after your paper went to press, the most frightening story in several years arose. We now know that Russia intends to sell anti-missile and anti-aircraft technology to Iran. This is apparently so sophisticated that it will make it impossible to back up any sanctions with a military strike against Iran. If this mishap comes to fruition, the world will be held hostage by Iran as a nuclear power. The world is now much more dangerous as a consequence of Mr. Obama’s passivity in foreign affairs.
Ronald Werrin, M.D. | Merion Station


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