Volunteers Plough Through Philly Farm Crew Service Day


A group of volunteers helped local farmers prepare for the upcoming planting season.

Thirty-five volunteers and five farmers joined forces to participate in the Philly Farm Crew's second annual service day on March 29.

Philly Farm Crew is a joint partnership between the nonprofit organizations Repair the World and The Jewish Farm School, along with a variety of urban farms and gardens in Philadelphia.

Three groups of volunteers split up to different locations around the city to get their hands dirty and learn how to farm. One of those groups helped in transplanting and prepping for the farming season at Heritage Farm, a year-round, pesticide-free farm on three acres of transformed land located within the Methodist Home For Children’s campus in West Philadelphia.

"We are excited to have the farm crew here over the course of our growing season," said farmer Adrian Galbriath-Paul. "It's great to have a steady group of volunteers who can establish a relationship with our site." 

Tali Smookler, a Repair the World fellow, expressed her hope that the volunteers had helped "to be a part of some of the solutions to food injustices in Philadelphia."

Meanwhile Risa Waldoks, who lives in West Philadelphia and works at the Food Trust, a nonprofit that aims to make healthy food accessible to lower income neighborhoods, said she volunteered in order to do some good and seize an opportunity to get outside.

"I loved getting my hands into the dirt and learning tips about how to prepare the farm at this point in the season," said Waldoks. "It's amazing how simply being on the farm makes me feel like I'm taking a break from city life."


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