Letters the Week of Feb. 19, 2015


Readers express their views on Netanyahu's upcoming speech before Congress and Holocaust awareness.

Forget Politics: Netanyahu Visit Important

Thank you for publishing Morton Klein’s column (Oped: “Obama is Not Serious About Stopping Iranian Nukes,” Feb. 12) criticizing President Barack Obama’s Iranian policies. The mainstream media has portrayed the visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to win Brownie points — John Boehner vs. Obama.
Actually at stake is a far more important issue — whether the Chamberlain-like Obama will prevail over Netanyahu. Obama is worried about his pride. Netanyahu is concerned about the survival of the Jewish people. Winston Churchill, a member of Chamberlain’s party, criticized Chamberlain for his appeasement of Hitler. In response, Chamberlain accused him of being a “war monger.” Thankfully for the world, the British people opted for Churchill.
Obama is a little more nuanced in response to criticism. When a member of his party, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), accused him of following an Iranian policy straight out of Tehran, Obama asked him if he was worried about his donors. We have an obligation as Jews to forget about Republicans and Democrats. Every Republican should applaud the Boehner invite and every Democrat should give support to Menendez’s principled position.
Jerome Cantor | Philadelphia
Netanyahu Deserves His Voice Be Heard
I completely disagree with letter writer Phyllis Abrams’ conclusions regarding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress (“Don’t Condone Netanyahu’s Visit to Congress,” Feb. 12). Netanyahu is not coming to advance his own election prospects. He is coming to inform Congress of the most up-to–date evidence of Iran’s nuclear capabilities and its threats to Israel and the United States.
The Obama administration has changed the U.S. position on Iran from “no nuclear capabilities “ to permitting them. Before this is a “done deal,” Netanyahu’s presentation should be heard.   Anyone boycotting this talk is a disgrace to his/her office and to our country.
Roberta E. Dzubow | Plymouth Meeting
Survivor Stories Need Be Told ‘Again and Again’
The article “Telling His Story of Survival Again and Again” (Cover, Jan. 21) was beautifully written and truly captures the spirit and the message of the Holocaust Awareness Museum through Michael Herskovitz’s life.
As a teacher at Saint Eugene’s Catholic School, I can’t tell you the impact that Michael and other survivors who have come to talk to our students have had. What can have more of an effect on the soul than someone who actually lived it to share their story of triumph over tragedy, forgiveness over sorrow and regeneration over hatred. It is truly a positive and uplifting experience.
Now, I am privileged to be on the museum’s board of directors and its education committee. It is a great honor to be a part of this continued effort to keep alive a message that is, unfortunately, much needed in the world today. The museum is always looking for people to aid them in this endeavor. Consider being a part of this extraordinary mission, to ensure we “never forget.” You will be rewarded richly for being a part of this effort.
Kellianne Miley | Primos


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