Miracles, Lights and Taylor Swift in Latest Chanukah Music Videos


Take a look at the latest crop of music videos and parodies honoring the Festival of Lights. 

Burned your latkes while you were busy wrapping presents? Just "Shake It Off."

Or as the group Vodkas and Latkes puts it in their parody of the Taylor Swift song, "We’re just gonna say say say say say/Mazel Tov!/ Chanukah!"

Each year around the Festival of Lights, musicians take the opportunity to remake pop songs and produce videos with lyrics written to reflect the Jewish holiday. That way, you will have some good tunes to spin while you're spinning your dreidel. 

The Maccabeats, a Jewish a cappella group that originated at Yeshiva University, decided that neis — miracles — are more powerful than bass. They remade the Meghan Trainor hit "All About That Bass" into "All About That"…. well, just give it a listen(As a side note, Matthew Rissien, who released a Chanukah effort last year but not so far this December, seems to lay claim to the first Jewish parody of Trainor's song with his "All About That Rosh Hashanah," which he posted in September.)

Aish HaTorah, a reliable producer of quality Jewish holiday videos, also did not disappoint with "Lights," an original hip-hop song that features the lyrics, "Oil gone and the world's collapsing/Darkness surrounds/I don't know what's happening/But I know one thing tonight/Teach the world about the candle light."

And at Brown University, another a cappella group, The Jabberwocks, decided that the Jews could accept Kanye West's apology for his comments last year about the connections Jews have. They parodied his song "All About The Lights."

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon took his viewers' tweets about Chanukah and sang them with a little help from his backing band The Roots.

As good as some of these songs are, in this writer's opinion, they still can't compare to the now-classic ditty that let you know "OJ Simpson/Not a Jew/But guess who is?/Hall of Famer Rod Carew." So go ahead, put on that yarmulke.


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