Kosher Stand Gets a Seat at Eagles Games


The Eagle has landed — with a Kosher Grill at home games.

Get yer red hots right here — and where better than at a home game played by the red-hot Philadelphia Eagles?

It’s no longer a field of dreams for fans seeking some kosher dogs or sausage links at the Linc: The Lubavitch of Bucks County has teamed up with Eagles management and Aramark catering to provide kosher victuals for those seeking a special K to go along with a big W for the Birds.

“The request came from the Eagles themselves,” says Rabbi Yudy Shemtov, senior rabbi/executive director of Lubavitch of Bucks County. “I got a call from a member of their executive board for help setting up a kosher food stand.”

There had been kosher food available in previous seasons operated by a variety of vendors but that was no longer the situation, Shemtov learned. Shemtov offers on-site supervision along with colleagues David Kushner and Jesse Breitbart at the Kosher Grill, with kosher food provided by Aramark.

Being grilled about his role comes naturally; he’s done some of the grilling himself. “I had put aside four hours to work on my upcoming Rosh Hashanah sermon,” he says of game day earlier this season. But there was an emergency call for someone to help grill the dogs at the game.

So he put the sermon aside for a bit and bit into his new job as griller-in-chief, working the redskins at the Redskins game.

It’s not exactly the best seat in the house; the stand is set around the 116 Section of the Linc, which has sight lines of the 20-yard line. But it’s a home field advantage for fans with a kosher craving. “And sales are up” over the last few games, says Shemtov of fans — Jews and non-Jews — coming to the stand.

This Sunday’s game seems a natural for the concession: Hot dogs and Cowboys? Gather ’round the football campfire?

If it means serving Cowboy fans food from his stand, it’s a trade off, says Shemtov. Happy to do it, he adds; it’s a small price to pay for an Eagles victory.


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