Drive-Thru Sukkah — No Waiting!


Har Zion Temple hit the road for the holiday with a Drive-Thru Sukkah.

Har Zion Temple’s Drive-Thru Sukkah has been a full-throttle success, according to those in the know, with more than 50 cars partaking of the service to date.

“It’s been incredible,” says Debbie Folz, director of Early Childhood Education at the temple’s Noreen Cook Center.

Extended families drove by to take advantage of the service, says Folz.

“We’ve had grandparents come through,” with children and grandkids in tow, “taking down the tops of their convertibles,” she says.

“People who would not normally” attend Sukkot services did so this time, she adds, including at least one non-Jewish family whose child attends the education center.

The idea for the drive-thru emanated last year with Senior Rabbi Scott Rosenberg, and temple lay leader Nancy Selarnick picked up the idea and ran with it, according to Folz.

Perhaps the experience could be summed up best, says Folz, by the reaction they received in an email from one family: “We had a blast! Thank you.”


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