Funeral Home Goes for the Big Chill


A local funeral home takes up the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to benefit ALS research.

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" has almost as many followers these days, it seems, as Frozen.

The challenge is to survive dumping a bucket of chilled water on your head while maintaining a semblance of a smile to raise money and awareness of ALS. Celebrities have done it, even local weatherpeople who know from ice storms have taken part.

Funds raised from the dumps benefit the ALS Association, which supports research into the disabling and ultimately fatal disease that erodes nerves in the brain annd spinal cord.

The latest to take up the craze includes the members and directors of Philadelphia's Goldsteins' Rosenberg's Raphael-Sacks funeral home, who, as you can see in the accompanying photo, have their own idea of a "bucket list."

They decided to take up the challenge when one of the funeral directors, Randi Goldstein Casey, reported that her husband had become afflicted with the incurable disease.


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