Letters the Week of Aug. 21, 2014


A rhyme about the Gaza conflict, a complaint about Brazil’s recall of its ambassador to Israel and a query for Jews who grew up in the Logan neighborhood. 

Rhyme and Reason Over Israel-Hamas Conflict
In response to your ongoing coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict, this sums up the situation:
Hamas wants Israel not to exist / Israel wants Hamas to cease and desist / They tunneled under Israel, making holes like Swiss cheese / So they could attack whenever they please.
When your enemy fires rockets and starts to attack / If you want to live, you’d better fight back / But how the world complains and moans / “Why can’t you leave poor Gaza alone?”
The IDF dropped leaflets down / Warning civilians, “Find safer ground” / While the world is awash with crisis, who in the streets is protesting ISIS?
Russia wants the Ukraine for dinner / Does anyone care who is the winner? / “Oh, that’s just Putin being Putin / That’s not a cause worth disputin’.”
Some are shouting, “Death to the Jews!” / I thought that was yesterday’s news / The U.N. is “investigating” what did occur / You know it will rule for the side they prefer.
And if war crimes charges just can’t stick / They have others they know they can pick / They’ll charge Israel with littering, and that is the truth / They have the leaflets to use as proof.
Linda Ungar | Havertown
Brazil Recall of Envoy to Israel Sheer Hypocrisy
Brazil’s recall of its ambassador to Israel is just another example of hypocrisy in international relations when it comes to the Jewish state.
Brazil might instead look inward to its abhorrent human rights record, with its maltreatment of its indigenous Indian population, including construction of hydroelectric dams that confiscate land and damage Indians’ environment and homes. In addition, Brazil’s violent repression of slave rebellions in the early 1800s, including execution of slaves, shows a disregard for human life.
Today, Brazil’s westward expansion, including deforestation to create soybean farms, contributes to adverse climate change. Its mining industry offers an example of labor exploitation, and Brazil’s military coups of the past few decades have resulted in countless civilian deaths.
Brazil — look inward.
David Broida | Haverford
Anyone Out There Remember Logan?
I just finished reading the article “Once Upon a Neighborhood: Jewish Life in Philadelphia” (Headlines, Aug. 14).
I lived in Logan from 1928 to 1948. I also attended Jay Cooke Elementary School and Gen. David B. Birney School.
I was wondering how many out there did the same. Would like to hear from some who have some old memories: [email protected].
Ken Zeltz | Haverford


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