Letters the Week of July 17, 2014


Readers weigh in on how Israel is defending itself against rockets, kidnappings and the media.

Pay More Attention to How Israel’s Jews Feel
The script keeps repeating itself. Launch rockets into Israel. Kidnap and kill Israelis. Israel retaliates. The world tells Israel to restrain itself. The world and some Israelis themselves condemn the “disproportionate force” used by Israel. Paint Israel as Goliath. 
The Palestinians know the script better than anyone. This time, a Palestinian child is gruesomely killed, allegedly at the hands of “vengeful” Israeli youths.
The Exponent publishes an article asking Israelis to “Look Inward for Answers” (Headlines, “After Unity and Calls for Revenge, Looking Inward for Answers,” July 10). How much can a person get slapped in the face before he slaps back? Surely we all agree that the killing of a Palestinian child is as horrid and unacceptable as that of an Israeli child. But are Israelis not permitted to feel angry and vengeful? How much can our people withstand?
Enough! Anti-Semitism always speaks for itself no matter how you flavor it! Jews need to understand and support what Israelis feel! We have been slapped too much!
Eric Solomon | Ambler
No Double Standard on Death of Arab Teen
Jews everywhere have been shocked and sickened by the brutal murder of Muhammad Abu Khieder (Headlines, “After Unity and Calls for Revenge, Looking Inward for Answers,” July 10). We hoped against hope that the perpetrators were not from amongst our own, but, sadly, it appears that they are.  
There can be no doubt that these perpetrators, whoever they may be, are not merely misguided but are mentally deranged and morally bankrupt. They do not represent us. They have hurt our cause and sullied the memory of the three boys viciously murdered on their way from school. That being said, the question is how do we respond?
This heinous act presents us with the opportunity to show precisely what we expect from the Palestinians. Our leaders must make the same clear and unequivocal condemnations we ask of our enemies. The houses of the Jewish terrorists must be demolished. Undertaking the same introspection that we demand of our enemies — to look at how they may have been responsible due to their rhetoric and actions — is incumbent upon us.
Yes, there are differences. This incident is isolated, the exception that proves the rule. Our mainstream leaders have not and do not call for terror and murder of innocents. Our people are not taunting the Palestinians; instead, we join in their grief. It is not sufficient to take solace in the fact that this one singular death stands in sharp contrast to the 1,957 Israelis killed by Arab terrorists since the founding of the State, just as the 1948 massacre at Deir Yassin is not erased by the Arab massacres of innocents at Ma’alot, Kiryat Shmona, Munich, the Lod Airport, the Achille Lauro, Haifa, Maarat HaMachpela, Eilat, and the scores of other massacres perpetrated by the Palestinians.
While there is no moral equivalency, we can only claim the moral high ground if we occupy it. We must demand and implement swift justice for Muhammad Abu Khieder and his family and demonstrate to the world how Jews react when the terror is from within.
Zachary L. Grayson | Philadelphia


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