Letters the Week of July 3, 2014


Readers speak out against the BDS movement, anti-Semitism and U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor.

Defy BDS By Supporting Companies It Bans
For those of us who care about the security and welfare of Israel, the solution to the divestment gaffe of the Presbyterian Church-USA (Opinion, “Divestment Debacle in Detroit,” June 26) is simple and twofold: buy products from the companies from which the divestment is taking place.
Then, make sure those companies and the media are aware of your purchases and your motives. Or, better, invest in the stocks of those companies. Or even better, create an index fund which invests in Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola.
Surely such a fund would quickly result in investments that exceed the $21 million reportedly being withdrawn by the church.
Lee Fiederer | Elkins Park
Temple Must Condemn Anti-Semitic Postings 
Recent anti-Semitic postings were made by Temple University adjunct professor Alessio Lerro (Headlines, “Temple Professor Makes Anti-Israel, Shoah-Denying Comments Online,” June 5), who also challenged the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust.
It is not enough for Temple University to issue a third statement of stronger condemnation. If this “educator” is not repudiated and forced to resign, it is a sign that this kind of rhetoric is acceptable and tolerated by the university.
The Holocaust is not up for debate; it is an historical fact. President Neil Theobald and the board need to be told that referring to Lerro’s views as a “strong counterpoint” to the university’s views is outrageous.
As long as Temple University signs this Holocaust denier’s paycheck, they are condoning his views.
As a proud Temple University alumna, I hope the Board of Trustees is feeling the impact of the “numbers” responding to this dangerous rhetoric. Perhaps this will finally be a “Jewish number” Mr. Lerro will respect.
He certainly does not respect the millions of numbers tattooed on the arms of the Jews of Eastern Europe.
He is a disgrace to the university, an anti-Semite and must go.
I, on the other hand, want to remain a proud alumna.
Sally Mitlas | Jenkintown
Praise for Rep. Cantor Woefully Misguided
I fail to grasp the elegiac to U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor (Headlines, “Cantor’s Loss Leaves Jewish Republicans Bereft,” June 19), especially as it pertains to Jewish values.
Cantor and the GOP opposed the Affordable Care Act, preferring to maintain a status quo where millions of people were denied access to health care, a fact reflected in our miserable standing in macro health statistics. The basic attitude was “get sick and die.” Is that a Jewish value?
He and much of the GOP opposed extending unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed. The basic attitude was “go starve.” Is that a Jewish value?
He and much of the GOP opposed aid to victims of superstorm Sandy. The basic attitude was “go drown.” Is that a Jewish value?
Measuring everything through the prism of Israel is narrow-minded. There is a line in a Bruce Springsteen song, “wherever this flag is flown, we take care of our own.” Cantor and his GOP cohorts don’t get that. Good riddance.
Richard Saunders | Eagleville


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