Dresher Teen Gives Greyhounds a New Leash on Life


A Dresher teen adopts a pet project at the National Greyhound Adoption Program.


Mitzvah Hero: Lily Warkow, 13, adores her pet project: The Dresher resident, daughter of Cindy and Adam Warkow, has been walking and taking care of the dogs at the National Greyhound Adoption Program.

What It’s All About: Greyhounds have been an especially popular breed with those running the dog-race industry in Florida. But what happens to those animals once they've outlived their usefulness at the track? That’s where the adoption program, which originated in Northeast Philadelphia 25 years ago, comes in. In addition to taking care of the abandoned dogs, NGAP offers educational programs on their feeding and handling for new owners.

“I’ve always loved dogs and wanted to do something to help them,” says Lily, an eighth-grade student at Sandy Run Middle School. “I’ve always wanted a dog, but couldn’t get one because my sister Sami is afraid of dogs.”  (She also has another sister named Amanda.)

Not a One-Time Thing: Lily has also helped out at the Jewish Relief Agency, where “I enjoyed packing food and seeing the looks on people’s faces and making an impact on their lives.”

Good for Her: “The greyhound program and JRA have changed me as a person,” relates the Temple Sinai congregant. Both, she adds, have “made me realize my little efforts to help the world can really make a big difference. I think I now have a greater appreciation for what I have in my own life.”


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