Jewish Attorney Stricken From Republican Ballot


Robert Guzzardi, a 69-year-old Jewish lawyer and businessman from Ardmore, had entered the race to apply pressure on Gov. Tom Corbett from the right. 

A Jewish Republican candidate for governor who had been a long shot to challenge the incumbent of his own party will in fact not be able to run, the State Supreme Court ruled May 1.

The court overturned a lower court’s ruling that allowed Robert Guzzardi to stay on the ballot in the Republican primary against Gov. Tom Corbett, despite his failure to file a statement of financial interests by the deadline with the State Ethics Commission.

The 69-year-old Jewish lawyer and businessman from Ardmore had entered the race, he said, to apply pressure on Corbett from the right and acknowledged that he did not have a chance of actually wining.

“I want to defeat and discredit the Pennsylvania Republican leadership,” Guzzardi told the Jewish Exponent in January.

On May 1, he responded to an email stating, “The Supreme Court has declared me ineligible and stricken my name from the ballot so I am no longer a candidate.”


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