Why Federation Day at Meadowlands Matters


A couple who met nearly three decades ago at a Federation Young Leadership fund­raiser explain why they continue the tradition of gathering at the Meadowlands Country Club for a day of networking and philanthropy. 

Just a few weeks ago, many of us joined with family and loved ones — whether at Meadowlands or around countless dining room tables — in observing the ritual of a Passover seder. Why do we find this annual gathering so meaningful, so important?

It’s about our family and our community. It’s about the values embodied in the words, “Let all who are hungry come and eat.” And it’s about the link to our past. On June 11, here at Meadowlands Country Club, we will host our 61st annual Federation Day. This is our community, our demonstration of the mitzvah of helping those less fortunate, and our link to our past. It is about the secret of our survival — Jews taking care of each ­other, and helping to build a better world for all.

We owe our passion for the Jewish community — and even our marriage — to Federation. How so, you ask?

Twenty-eight years ago, we met at a Federation Young Leadership fund­raiser. In our early 20s and 30s, we learned the importance of giving back, of caring for the hungry and the elderly, and providing aid to vulnerable populations in Israel and globally. We also found a place to socialize and network with our peers.

This year at Meadowlands, with the help of Federation Day Co-Chair Joe Greco, we have recruited a talented and committed Federation Day planning committee. This year promises to be a fun-filled and welcoming day for all to participate. The golf course is sure to be full! We have adjusted the format for the evening, and we can assure all that it will be a terrific event for the entire community.

We do not see this as exclusive to Meadowlands. With many other excellent golf clubs having discontinued their Federation Day tradition in recent years, we see this as an important communal event which enables the next generation of Jewish leaders to interact and network with those who have been as fortunate as we to have both enjoyed and been enriched by our Federation experience.

We invite the entire community to join with us as we continue our Meadowlands Jewish heritage on June 11.

For more information on Federation Day at Meadowlands Country Club, call Bob Seltzer, director of Leadership Philanthropy, at 215-832-0535, or email: [email protected]


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