Center City Doc Secures Spot in Kosher Cook-Off


A local oncologist won an online voting contest to secure the final spot in a national cooking competition scheduled for the end of this month in New York. 

The doctor is in.

Dr. Joe Carver of Center City was named the "People's Choice" winner for the final spot in the Manischewitz All-Star Cook-Off, scheduled for March 27 in New York.

Carver, chief of staff at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, won his spot in an online election, besting four other cooks who had been competition finalists in prior years.

The cardio-oncologist, a relatively new specialty in which physicians help cancer patients deal with cardiac problems, first participated and was a finalist in the 2008 cook-off. This year, he will be vying for the top spot against Jamie Brown-Miller of Napa, Ca.; Naylet LaRochelle of Miami; Ronna Sue Farley of Rockville, Md.; and Dina Burcat of New York.

His dish: a fried "Bubby's Noodle Strudel."


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