Purim ‘Luck of the Irish’ in Jerusalem


An innocent mistake on Purim in 2005 made for an unforgettable evening during my Young Judaea Year Course in Israel. 

Shushan Purim on March 26, 2005, will eternally stand out in my memory.

That year, I teamed up with two fellow 18-year-old students on Young Judaea Year Course in Israel to create costumes that we were particularly proud of. The two girls dressed up together as a rainbow, while I dressed up as their leprechaun with a pot of gold.

As we waltzed around Jerusalem, we couldn’t help but notice that several Israelis were giving us dirty looks and we, in our American naivety, assumed they were jealous of our costumes.

What we didn’t realize was that the Israeli soccer team was hosting a World Cup qualifying match against Ireland that night, which they ended up drawing 2-2.

After a few bolder Israeli teens approached and yelled at us, we figured out what was really going on — people were mistaking us for Irish soccer fans. With one of my friend's reddish hair, my strawberry-blonde beard and our costume choice, it was easy to see where their assumptions were coming from.

We ignored the comments and partied away in our amazing, Lucky Charms-esque costumes, but the mishap ensured it was a Purim experience I would never forget!

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