Israeli Vodka Added as Gift Basket Stuffer for Oscar Award Nominees


Bottles of Aviv613, a vodka distilled in the northern Israeli town of Safed, will be added to "swag bags" for oscar nominees and hostess Ellen DeGeneres of this year's Academy Awards.

When Hollywood's biggest stars take to the red carpets for the 86th Academy Awards on March 2, one of the many perks they will be enjoying is the high-end Israeli vodka made by Aviv613.

At each year’s ceremony, attendees and participants receive various “swag bags” filled with pricey goodies that have been put together by marketing companies catering to celebrities.

This year's Oscar nominees and host Ellen DeGeneres will each receive a basket which includes items like fine chocolates, high-end watches and Aviv613 Vodka.

According to Aviv613’s news release about its inclusion in the event, each basket will include somewhere in the neighborhood of $55,000 worth of goodies, including donations to animal shelters, weight-loss foods and skin care accessories.

“We are very excited to share AVIV with Oscar-nominated actors and actresses,” Marc Grossfield, founder and chief executive officer of Aviv613, said in a statement.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania residents won't be able to raise a glass of the vodka to toast the Oscar-winners. The state Liquor Control Board does not currently carry the vodka, which sounds delicious: It is made with wheat, barley, olives, figs, dates, grapes and pomegranates.

The company makes its product in the spiritual town of Tzfat, a city that is located in the north of Israel.



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