Attack on Egyptian Tour Bus to Eilat Kills Four


An explosion on the bus traveling from the Sinai to Eilat killed three Korean tourists and the Egyptian bus driver.

JERUSALEM — An explosion on a tour bus traveling from the Sinai Peninsula to Israel killed at least four people on Feb. 16.

It is believed that Islamic militants based in the Sinai are responsible for the attack. It is not known if the bomb was placed on the bus or exploded near it, according to reports.

Three Korean tourists and the Egyptian bus driver were reported killed in the attack, and the rest of the passengers were wounded, according to reports.

Egyptian medics and security forces took care of the casualties in the attack, which occurred on the Egyptian side of the border. Israeli medics and ambulances gathered on the Israeli side of the border in case they were needed.

Israeli citizens were warned to avoid the border crossing between Eilat and the Sinai Peninsula in the wake of the attack. The border crossing was closed following the attack.


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