‘Blob’ Producer Gets Hollywood Star


A Philadelphia native — whose movie productions include The Blob — gets his star on the Hollywoood Walk of Fame.

Film producer and distributor — and native Philadelphian — Jack H. Harris, 95, was honored by the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the placement of its 2,517th star.

Among Harrris' films: The Blob, the iconic 1958 movie about a comet that crashes to earth and devours anyone who touches it. The gooey red mass can only be deactivated — but not destroyed — by being frozen in the Arctic. The horror flick, shot in Downingtown, Pa., was a breakout hit for actor Steve McQueen.

Harris, the son of a movie projectionist, was a young vaudeville star. Post-World War II, he came back to his hometown and did publicity work for movie studios before setting his sights on the distribution business.

Among Harris’ current production projects: a remake of The Blob.


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