Fifth-graders Show Off Mural Honoring MLK Day of Service


Fifth-graders at a Melrose Park day school create a mural in honor of Martin Luther King Day of Service.

Five Forman Center fifth-graders, with guidance from art teacher Nina Kohn, completed a mural to commemorate Martin Luther King Day of Service, scheduled for Jan. 20. The piece was created as part of the city's Martin Luther King Mural Arts Project in tandem with the Jan. 20 celebration.

The students, who attend the Melrose Park branch of the Perelman Jewish Day School, worked on the project for the past six months, presenting their finished 6 foot by 5 foot cloth mural at a press conference heralding the Day of Service.

The mural commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling on Brown v. Board of Education, in which state laws approving separate but equal education were deemed unconstitutional.


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