An Enlightened Youngster’s Chanukah Gift


Six-year-old Tali Erlbaum shed her lustrous locks this Chanukah, donating them to a group that makes wigs for children who need them.


Mitzvah Hero: Tali Erlbaum, a first-grader at Torah Academy, decided to give a special gift for Chanukah this year. With the help of stylist Albert Torelli at Millennium Hair and Day Spa, the 6-year-old donated 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love, the Florida-based humanitarian organization that provides wigs to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss. 

What It’s All About:  “I wanted to give a person some hair who needed it and I did it on Chanukah because I wanted to light up the life of another person," says Tali, the daughter of Amy and Daniel — and sister to Tamar, 11; Dafna, 9; and Gavriel, 3. 

Not a One-Time Thing: This is not Tali’s first attempt at mitzvah heroics. She's packed food for the needy with the Jewish Relief Agency. And, closer to home: “I shared with my friend when she didn’t have any snacks.”

Good for Her: A member of Chabad of the Main Line, Tali doesn’t have to look too far to find heroes of her own: “My Abba," she notes of her dad, "and my best friend — Nechama." The youngster dreams of one day becoming “a teacher and a mother.” Donating to Locks of Love "taught me that I’m a mitzvah girl!”


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