East Coast and Israeli Neuroscientists Combine Brain Power


Neuroscience researchers from the East Coast will team up with Israeli counterparts to learn more about Alzheimer's Disease and other leading issues in their field. 


Neuroscience institutions from the East Coast and Israel will join forces to conduct research on Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological issues.

Research centers based at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University in Philadelphia as well as two institutions in New York will collaborate with Ramat Hasharon’s Israel Brain Technologies through the new partnership.

At the Dec. 17 announcement ceremony in New York, U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, a Democrat from Philadelphia, expressed hope that a global team will help both sides conquer untouched horizons.
“This is an international challenge that one organization or one country cannot solve on its own — rather it calls for global commitment, and most importantly, collaboration,” he said in statement.

The congressman added his belief that "extraordinary teams of researchers and doctors dedicated to discovering new treatments and cures,” will come about as result of the joint effort.

Rafi Gidron, the founder and chairman of Israel Brain Technologies, highlighted Israeli President Shimon Peres as a figure of inspiration for U.S.-Israeli partnership.

“This collaboration represents an important first step in a long-term partnership between Israel and the U.S. Together, we can make a major impact on the lives of millions throughout the world," he said in a news release.

New York's participating institutions, Feinstein Institute in Manhasset and Cold Spring Harbor Lab in Cold Spring Harbor, were represented at the ceremony by U.S. Rep. Steve Israel, also a Democrat.




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