House of Women of the Wall Board Member Vandalized


The graffiti, which called the Women of the Wall "scum," targeted board member Peggy Cidor, whose house was also vandalized in may.

JERUSALEM  — Graffiti calling Women of the Wall “scum” was painted outside the Jerusalem apartment of one of the group’s board members.

The graffiti discovered Thursday morning in the public stairwell of the apartment of Peggy Cidor, who resides in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Talpiyot, also read “Peggy, watch out ” and “Women of the Wall are villains.”

Cidor was also threatened with graffiti outside of her home in May, when the words “Torah tag” – evoking the term “price tag” that is used to describe random acts of violence against Palestinians by radical settlers – were spray-painted on the door to Cidor’s apartment. “Peggy, Your Time has Expired,” and “Women of the Wall are wicked,” also appeared in that attack of vandalism.

Thursday’s attack comes a day after at least 800 members and supporters of Women of the Wall gathered at in the women’s section of the Western Wall Plaza for morning services to celebrate the new Jewish month of Tevet.

To see footage of the Women of the Wall's recent prayers at the Western Wall, click on the video icon at the top right of the screen.


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