Competing Sukkahs at Penn


University of Pennsylvania Hillel students built 10 sukkahs with themes ranging from Israel to Star Wars for school's second annual Sukkathon competition. 

University of Pennsylvania Hillel students competed in the school's second Sukkathon, crafting themed structures around campus.

Students built 10 sukkahs, centered on themes such as social justice, Israel, Star Wars and "From our hut to your heart," a structure that provides a "safe space for everyone to show their inner colors."

Penn students started the Sukkathon last year, taking the idea from an event in New York City in the fall of 2010, when architects constructed sukkahs that broke with tradition, such as a structure with walls made from cardboard signs that were purchased from homeless people.

Zachary Taub, a sophomore student who helped organize the event, said he never built a sukkah at his home growing up in Chicago but always enjoyed visiting friends' structures.

The competition provides students an idea "what the essence of sukkot is, which is to feel what it was like living in" ancient times, Taub said.

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