Sweet Music Videos to Welcome the New Year


Welcome Rosh Hashanah with this trove of jams, including new releases from Aish and a philanthropic foundation. 

Looking for a soundtrack leading up to the shofar blowing on Rosh Hashanah? Jewish organizations and musicians have a trove of jams to welcome in the new year.

A philanthropic organization just released a new song, "Come Together and Rock Hashanana," that encourages a healthier new year, one without the worst sort of distractions like Facebook stalking, "candy crush," TV trash and overdoing it at your birthday bash. The video from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network features other good little rhymes and a band of pastel performers. 

Aish also released a new video featuring breakdancing Orthodox Jews singing a parody of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." 

Instead of the original song's promise to stay up all night to "get some," Aish singers croon about soul-searching.

"Rosh Hashanah – time to get clarity," a young boy sings.

Here are some other favorites from years past:

Taglit-Birthright Israel released "I Gotta' Love You Rosh Hashanah" in 2007 with Michele Citrin singing. A sample of the lyrics:

"You are the head of the new year. I'm so glad you're coming near. Is that a shofar that I hear, being blown?"

From the Ein Prat Fountainheads, playing on Shakira's "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)": "Dip Your Apple"

From Aish, playing on LMFAO's  "Party Rockin": "Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem"

From Jewish Treats, playing on Kanye West's "Gold Digger": "Soul Bigger (The Rosh Hashana Song)"

From Technion – Israel Institute of Technology: "A Rosh Hashanah Robot New Year Hip Hop Dance Party"

Check out the videos at the above links or in the multimedia section.

Know of any other Rosh Hashanah music videos? Send them to [email protected]


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