Women of Vision Awards Grants


The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Greater Philadelphia announced the recipients for 2013-2014 grants designed to improve the lives of Jewish women and girls.

Judith B. Ginsberg, chair of Wom­en of Vision, The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, along with Tracy Ginsburg and Frankie Rothseid, Grants co-chairs, announced the recipients for 2013-2014. Each of the Foundation’s more than 446 members had a vote in the selection of these grant recipients — all of them organizations that improve the lives of Jewish women and girls.

The Drexel Hillel Women’s Project

This experiential education program is designed to boost the confidence, leadership skills and Jewish identity of female students in a safe environment that encourages open communications. The project will provide a forum for college-age women to explore such issues as body image, interpersonal relationships, and career and community involvement within a Jewish context. The goal is to help foster growth in their emotional health, character and leadership skills, and prepare them to meet current and future challenges.

Women of Vision awarded $16,000 to this project, which will initially engage 20 to 30 women in regular programming and retreats. It is expected that once the curriculum is created, it will be replicated at other Hillel programs and will affect many more students over time.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) seeks to empower all women whose lives are affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the very best quality of life. This organization currently serves 80,000 women and their families in Greater Philadelphia, nationally and globally, through information, programming, support and fostering connections with others.

LBBC was awarded a $20,000 grant by Women of Vision to develop a series of three educational workshops focusing on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer —a type of cancer that affects women of Ashkenazi Jewish descent at a much greater rate than the general population.

This grant will enable LBBC, in partnership with the Basset Center of the University of Pennsylvania, to offer a series of workshops at three local synagogues for 150 women under the age of 50. The workshops will provide basic information on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, emphasize the importance of being aware of family medical history, offer advice on genetic counseling and testing, and suggest strategies for sharing information with friends and family members to ensure emotional and medical support.

Organization for the Resolution of Agunot, Inc.

The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot, Inc. (ORA) is the place to turn for assistance in resolving contested Jewish divorces. Couples know that ORA will provide services in a timely fashion in accordance with the highest standards of Jewish law.

Women of Vision awarded $17,000 to ORA to fund a comprehensive Agunah Prevention Program. This project seeks to protect women and girls from becoming agunot, the Hebrew word for women whose husbands refuse to grant them a get, or decree of Jewish divorce, by offering them the option of a Jewish prenuptial agreement.

At the core of the Agunah Prevention Program is a one-hour multimedia educational workshop. ORA plans to conduct 12 to 14 of these workshops throughout the Greater Philadelphia area that will reach some 150 to 225 high school and college students, and other members of the Jewish community of varying ages and denominations. In addition, ORA will create a volunteer task force to help plan and promote these programs and serve as a communal resource beyond the grant cycle.

IT WORKS — Empowering Ethiopian Olim

In Israel, Women of Vision has awarded a $13,000 grant to IT Works, an organization that empowers low-income adults for employment in Israel’s thriving information technology industry. The grant will enable IT Works to develop a vocational training and professional skill-building program designed for 20 young Ethiopian women who live in Israel’s Sharon region. These young women will have just completed their army service prior to attending the program, which was designed in cooperation with Israel’s National Insurance Institute.

This comprehensive training will combine educational training with professional development and voluntarism to help graduates successfully integrate into the work force.

For more information about Women of Vision, call Susan Lundy at 215-832-0849 or email: [email protected]


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