No Badge of Honor



The bizarre and unbalanced nature of the struggle of the State of Israel to defend itself against terrorist attacks was never more apparent than in the last week.

Some 15 months after Israel withdrew its troops and its settlements from Gaza, the densely populated strip of territory is now fairly bristling with arms of all sorts. In response to the constant attacks from Gaza, which have terrorized the Israeli town of Sederot and its environs (last week, one Israeli woman was killed; others were maimed or wounded by a Kassam missile that hit the town), the Israeli Defense Force has attempted to respond by interdicting the terrorist missile crews and their leaders.

Though Israeli forces are routinely accused of brutality in the course of these counterattacks, in fact, the army does all it can to minimize civilian casualties, often calling ahead to warn residents that a building housing a terrorist target is about to be hit. The problem is that terrorists deliberately hide among their own civilians; they practically dare the Israelis to fire on them. And in two recent cases, when an Israeli warning of action was given, Palestinians did not evacuate as encouraged, but instead gathered to serve as human shields for the killers, forcing the IDF to hold its fire.

Gaza is not the only place where Hamas terrorists are guarded by human shields. The United Nations is once again earning its reputation as not only a place that holds a double-standard when it comes to Israel, but a place that doesn't value Jewish life at all.

In response to a recent incident, in which Palestinian civilians were killed by an errant Israeli shell that was responding to attacks on Israel, the U.N. General Assembly voted to both condemn and investigate the Jewish state. Absent from the resolution's text was any mention of Palestinian attacks or Israeli casualties. For this world body, only the Palestinians count — any Jewish blood that's shed is done with their apparent approval.

This latest outrage should re-emphasize the need for the United States to hold a corrupt and amoral United Nations accountable for its deeds. Diplomats in hallowed halls who shield terror should be held just as guilty for the consequences of this act as any in Gaza who behave the same way on the ground.


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