Wyman Institute Schedules Conference

The June 11 national conference of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies will focus on the story of Josiah E. DuBois, a Treasury Department attorney during World War II who worked to disclose the State Department's efforts to obstruct the rescue of Jewish refugees from Europe.

"When it comes to Holocaust education, we tend to focus on a different group of people, on people who, when confronted with arguably the greatest moral crisis of the 20th century, acted," said Benyamin Korn, associate director of the institute. "We're not just talking about something that happened 60 years ago. We're very much concerned about getting things to resonate with today's themes."

According to Korn, DuBois' actions led to the formation of the War Refugee Board in 1944, and ultimately saved 250,000 Hungarian Jews.

The conference, to be held at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, will feature Robert Dubois, the honoree's son and Henry Morgenthau III, son of the Treasury Secretary at the time, Henry Morgenthau. Morgenthau, after learning about Dubois' findings, urged President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to take action.

Korn said the men will speak about their fathers and the relationship shared by the two elders.

Also on hand to speak will be David S. Wyman, Rebecca Kook – the daughter of Holocaust rescue activist Peter Bergson – and Mark Harris of the Genocide Intervention Network.

Richard Goodwin will chair the conference and Penn law professor Harry Reicher will serve as master of ceremonies.

"Dubois was not Jewish," noted Korn, "but he was a human being – an American official with a conscious."



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