Choice Food Program Opens at Klein JCC


This effort to alleviate food insecurity puts Philadelphia in the forefront of national efforts by having clients use touch screen technology to order food using virtual dollars with pricing that incentivizes healthy eating.

The Jewish Federation of Great­er Philadelphia is pleased to announce that the Mitzvah Food Project Choice Food Program is now open at the Klein JCC. This $2 million fundraising effort puts Philadelphia in the forefront of national efforts to alleviate food insecurity by using touch screen technology where clients order food using virtual dollars with pricing that incentivizes healthy eating. The program also offers support from a social worker to help clients apply for public benefits.
Laurie Franz, chair of Federation’s Center for Social Responsibility, and one of the program’s donors along with Lyn and Roy Neff, expressed her excitement that the program is up and operational. “I am so thankful to have the opportunity to give back in this way and I am grateful for the leadership of the Neffs to see this project through to fruition,” she said. “Their passion and commitment to doing this right shows what a difference a couple can make.”
Franz believes that this program will help people who have immediate need, yet she acknowledged that “one pantry cannot solve the issue of hunger.” She hopes that “this program will inspire others to speak out against the injustice of hunger and food insecurity, and move people to help change government policy.”
She encourages everyone to speak out loudly when Congress cuts SNAP (food stamps), explaining that this is the only way to alleviate hunger in this country. “It is our collective responsibility to take care of one another, and a phone call to your local congressperson or senator helps create a loud voice for justice,” she said, emphasizing that “no American should live with the fear and anxiety of where their next meal for themselves or their children will come from.”
Anyone interested in volunteering with the program should contact Danielle Gross-Eskin, volunteer coordinator,  at [email protected]


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