Cam Ham, Kosher-Style


Your 98-year-old Bubba ever talk about her ultimate dream — to walk (slowly) down a red carpet shimmying in a thong while ladling out chicken soup to her many admirers — including that 20-year-old college dropout who just moved in next door?

It's not a pretty picture. But it may be a winning video.

"It's Your Show," says Carson Daly.

And he should know. The host of NBC's "Last Call With Carson Daly" is calling on viewers to give him "your best shot" — and if that video shot is a winner, well, you tube can be a winner.

"It's Your Show" is that show of shows Sid Caesar never dreamed of — in any language — comprised of videos in distinct categories submitted by viewers.

America's funniest home … vitriol? Depends on how mean you want to get. And if that mean streak means taking a shot of a streaking Bubba …

It's more analogous to America's funnies hip videos, concedes Daly, whose daily presence on late-night TV is a major lure for hip young crowds as is his televised New Year's Eve revelries on NBC.

With such categories as "Operation Grandma!" — "It's fun to watch a child teach his grandparent how to set their TIVO" — and "Bald Is Beautiful" (that same kid drawing the map of Israel on Uncle Jay's head while he's sleeping?) as well as "What's the Word," videos using one word — and one word only — "It's Your Show" shows its appreciation of online as an ongoing art form.

Viral Shots

Cam ham? "It's exploding online," says Daly of the Web as my space, his space, her space, your space, allowing for "the free-formness of making a viral video part of that lure."

Viral shots? It's the new url for TRL — the Reel Life — for those who like to think throwing a new log on the fire means finding the hottest new site.

Don't dilly-dally with Daly's program: There are so many categories — and deadlines — it's best to –what else — log on to the show's site for information at:

As for the man who's making his stand with a modern-day millennium style bandstand, does he think the show will click more with future Martin Scorceses — or Sacha Baron Cohens?

"Both," he says.

But what's to prevent fans from filing their Bar Mitzvah videos hoping to snag the $100,000 grand prize once the show is up and fast-forwarding?

"Prevent them?" he says of high-def renditions of the Horowitz hora or Ishkabibble Alley Cat. "I hope they do!"


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