Dietary Supplement Leads to Angina


Since many medical studies have linked the dietary supplement ingredient ephedra to adverse reactions, consumers have turned to ephedra-free products. But a report in this month's issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings reports the first published case of an ephedra-free supplement causing variant angina.

Physicians from Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston outline the case of a man who experienced variant angina after taking CortiSlim, a dietary supplement containing bitter orange. He developed left-sided chest pressure with radiation to the jaw, shortness of breath and diaphoresis while at rest.

The patient was treated with a calcium channel blocker, and advised to discontinue use of CortiSlim.

His physicians report in the journal that bitter orange has now been identified as a cause of resistant hypertension in humans, and may pose increased risk to patients with pre-existing cardiovascular problems.

According to Tufts physicians, bitter orange may pose serious health risks.


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