Heart-to-Heart Offers Help for Hard-Hit Families


Young Jewish families residing in the metropolitan Philadelphia five-county area who are perplexed by problems of modern living can now take advantage of counseling, solution strategies and resources offered by the Heart-to Heart Program at the Klein JCC in Northeast Philadelphia. 

According to Mallory Hanfling, program director of Heart-to-Heart, the project “has been designed to help families who are having difficulty trying to make ends meet, have experienced a hardship or recent life change, have recently lost a job, are struggling to provide enough food and are frustrated by not being able to find solutions to address and cope with their problem or series of problems.”

“Our mission is to assist and support vulnerable Jewish families with compassion and respect and assist in making positive changes to enhance their quality of life,” Hanfling explains, adding how the group helps “clients to prioritize their needs and develop specific goals,” among other offerings.

“The program provides food subsidies and increased access to affordable and nutritious food, as well as direct financial assistance.”

For information, call Hanfling at 215-698-7300, Ext. 135, or email her at: [email protected]


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