The Donald of the Diaspora


Shalom, The Donald.

That may be the nicest greeting he's had in weeks.

Who knew that the tycoon who's taken Manhattan and who's taken heat and given it in celebrated arguments with Rosie O'Donnell after he "pardoned" the pretty Miss USA Tara Conner for her past mistakes — and who was just named "Most Annoying Money Personality" in an AOL poll — would have to turn to the Mideast for a little peace and quiet?

All without a hair out of place.

Comb over to our place, said the Israelis. And come he has.

Who knows? Maybe Donald Trump's next project will be putting his name on its most famous image: Trump Milk and Trump Honey, anyone?

He's certainly made a name for himself in sabra-land, where the real estate entrepreneur is real serious about Israel, setting his sights high above the sand dunes: Trump is in the process of constructing a 70-story building in Ramat Gan, gunning for the title of "Israel's Tallest Edifice."

That's some edifice complex, but then, Trump has high expectations exceeding his tallest building for Israel, which he calls "one of my favorite places in the world."

Going Global
With his latest "The Apprentice" now working its magic on NBC on Sunday nights, moving to its regular time at 9 p.m. this weekend after last Sunday's 90-minute premiere, could Ramat Gan begin a new set of international sights for the game's winner?

Forget managing construction of a golf resort; how about managing some real sand dunes?

His eclat in Eilat … Is there a 375-square-foot Israeli banner due to fly over a Mar-a-Mediterranean?

Flag that idea. But ponder the Donald of the Diaspora doing nice in Netanya. "A thing like that's possible," muses Trump of one day having a winning "Apprentice" appear in Israel.

Indeed, Israel currently has its own version of the popular show. But to have the possibility of the Donald … dayenu! "Going overseas is not an impossibility," says the Carl Sagan of the economy (billions and billions …).

Indeed, chimes in his dollar-savvy daughter, Ivanka, whose expanded role on the series includes serving as boardroom royal adviser, and who advises that there's room to expand the series — which is part of the reason the show moved from in-your-face New York for some face time in laid-back Los Angeles for its sixth season.

The sixth senses a chance for contact with the otherworldliness of Hollywood.

Art of the schpiel: The new edition could serve as a tent pole — even without considering that the losing team has to sleep in tents each week — for a corporation with internationalism at its core.

"Our show moving to L.A. echoes what we do as a company, extending its brand," says Ivanka, whose intelligence and fiscal fealty to her dad's dynamics brands her a next-generation Trump.

Could that brand be going to Beersheva? Trump non-treif hot dogs sold on the corner of Mt. Carmel? Trump Tel Aviv tell-a-phones? Trump courier service for personal notes to the Western Wall?

We are the world: Before, adds Ivanka, "we were known as a New York-centric company; we're more of an international company now."

But don't expect the next "Apprentice" to have contestants selling top-floor penthouse space with a view to die for on Masada anytime soon. Such blue-and-white blueprints are not being mapped out.

"Roving makes a big difference," says the Donald of moving away from the Big Apple to the Big Plastic.

But Jerusalem of gold as a setting for the next gold ring … "The next [series] is likely to be in Miami or Chicago" rather than international, says the Donald.

But then, has anyone in marketing suggested the possibilities if the Donald bottled Dead Sea water as a floating device?




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