Holida​y Give-and-Take



As Chanukah comes to a close this weekend, the flurry of gift-giving in our community will halt as the rest of the country prepares to bury itself in an avalanche of Christmas cheer. But before we assess the damage to our checkbooks by the transformation of the Festival of Lights into a celebration of consumerism, we should take a moment and think about a gift that we can all give.

The truth remains that all too many of our fellow Jews are not as able to live in comfort. The poor and the elderly in Philadelphia and its regions need help. And in Israel, many are still picking up the pieces of lives disrupted by the summer war with Hezbollah, while in places like Sederot, many still remain under enemy fire.

As the Chanukah lights are extinguished this weekend, remember those who lack necessities, and give generously to the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, which supports Jewish life here, in Israel and around the world. Such a gift is one Chanukah present that exceeds its return.


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