Wesle​y E. Bramnick, 82, Endodontist and Teacher



Wesley E. Bramnick, 82, an endodontist and teacher who maintained a successful dental practice, died Sept. 14.

Born in 1924, Bramnick grew up in the Wynnefield section of the city. He attended Central High School and went on to the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from Penn Dental School, and then completed his specialty training and diplomat status as an endodontist.

In addition, he was an associate professor of dental medicine at Penn, teaching in the endodontic clinic.

Bramnick spent a considerable amount of time teaching English at the Northeast branch of the Jewish Employment and Vocational Service to the large wave of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. He most often taught English to émigrés who had worked in the professional sciences and in the medical/dental fields.

He was a veteran of World War II and the Korean war.

Bramnick is survived by his wife of 29 years, Judie Bramnick; daughter Barrie Sopinsky; sons Michael Bramnick, Gary Bramnick and Bryan Weinroth; and three grandchildren.



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