Stop C​ourting Mr. Annan



Spats between the leaders of various components of the alphabet soup of American Jewish organizations are not usually worthy of comment. But this week, it's interesting to note a difference of opinion between one of our "major" Jewish organizations and most of the rest of the bunch.

The Anti-Defamation League broke ranks from some of its fellow "majors" because of its decision to directly confront the anti-Israel bias of the United Nations and its secretary general, Kofi Annan. ADL leader Abraham Foxman went as far as to contend that meetings of American Jewish leaders with Annan are not only pointless, but confer a legitimacy on the world body that it doesn't deserve.

While others contend the United Nations is a reality that must be dealt with in spite of its flaws, in this case, Foxman is right. Annan's bias against Israel was demonstrated repeatedly during the recent fighting in Lebanon. Rather than scurrying to meet with the man, groups should be concentrating on refuting him. Foxman is not the first Jewish leader to come to this conclusion, though it's time for more fellow big shots to start thinking this way. 



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