Making Mom Feel Good About Herself


Searching for a gift that will make mom's eyes light up this Mother's Day? How about getting her something she really needs — an excuse to take more time to relax and pamper herself.

And that could mean lunch with the "girls," a manicure or some peaceful moments in front of the TV watching her favorite program.

With all her obligations, this may seem impossible. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Good Housekeeping magazine in partnership with ABC News' "Good Morning America" showed that when asked what they felt the guiltiest about as a mother, 40 percent of moms surveyed said they don't have enough time.

Until someone has tested and engineered the time machine, doting dads should look for other ways to free up mom's time. Planning ahead and getting the whole family involved will allow mom to have a very relaxing day of leisure. Some things you can do to let mom have a break:

· Grocery shop and prepare meals ahead of time for the whole day, and be sure to do the dishes and wipe counters after so there's no mess for her to clean up.

· Get the laundry done so there are clothes ready for everyone to wear the next day so she doesn't worry about it.

· Tidy up the house. Put things away, vacuum and dust. Mom will love the feel of a clean house that she can relax in without lifting a finger.

· Take the kids for a long day's outing so mom can hit the spa without any worries about finding a babysitter, feeding anyone, or preparing anything for the week.

· Or you could get mom a gift that will save her time all year — a digital video recorder, which will let mom record her favorite shows to watch when she wants — after the kids are in bed and while dad's on the computer.



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