Letters week of May 10, 2007



Why Do People Still Subscribe to the 'Times'?

Thank you for Jonathan Tobin's piece on The New York Times' Andrea Elliott's mini-novel on the "moderate" imam (A Matter of Opinion: "Another Pulitzer Prize Disgrace," April 19).

I recall reading the first few paragraphs and feeling revulsion. The remarkable thing is the number of Jews who still subscribe to that Israel- and America-hating newspaper.
Dr. Stephen J. Gold
Westfield, N.J.


Folks at Pulitzers Need Their Heads Examined

Great work by Jonathan Tobin on the puff piece about a radical mosque for the Pulitzer Prize (A Matter of Opinion: "Another Pulitzer Prize Disgrace," April 19).

We need to help America be more aware of the extreme bias of The New York Times' "agenda." I am ashamed of that paper, which I once read regularly.

As for the Pulitzer Prize selection committee, I cannot express my distaste in a decent manner in a family newspaper.

Both of these organizations ought to have their heads examined!
Herman Kirsch
Tamarac, Fla.


On the Whole, BBC Does Its Job in Reporting News

I agree that the British Journalists' Union's call for a boycott of Israeli goods is reprehensible. However, this does not prove that all British journalists — or the BBC itself — are anti-Israel, as your editorial suggests (Editorial: "No Excuse for Brit Bias at Local NPR Outlet," April 26).

I am an avid listener to the BBC on satellite radio. I listen to it because most of the news outlets in this country give more time to Britney Spears than world events. I may not be able to tell you who was last voted off on "Dancing With the Stars," but I can speak intelligently about events in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

I agree that sometimes the BBC comes down too hard on Israel and does not provide the whole story, but I often think the Jewish Exponent shows bias as well, and does not provide all sides of every story.

Despite this, I'll continue to listen to the BBC.

On the whole, it does an admirable job in relating world events.
Jeffrey Erlbaum
Lafayette Hill


Boycott the Bias: End Contributions to Station!

Your editorial about the BBC ("No Excuse for Brit Bias at Local NPR Outlet," April 26) did not nearly go far enough.

The BBC World Service newscasts heard on WHYY-FM are blatantly anti-Israel. We need to take a page out of Britain's National Union of Journalists' book, and begin a boycott of our own.

Those of us who contribute to WHYY need to tell the station that we intend to withhold further financial support until it drops the BBC World Service newscasts.
Howard R. Lurie
King of Prussia


Group Only Monitors Abuse by Israeli Parties

Professor Amnon Rubinstein, who attacked the Association for Civil Rights in Israel for its failure to voice its concern for the rights of the kidnapped soldiers (Opinions: "If It's About Rights, Then All Are Equal Under Law,"April 26), apparently does not understand ACRI's clearly defined mandate and mission.

The group is committed to both ensuring that Israeli state authorities and institutions honor their obligation to respect human rights, and to redressing rights' violations perpetrated by state bodies.

However, violations of human rights perpetrated by foreign governments or bodies do not fall within its mandate.

ACRI's lack of action is not based upon our perception of these violations as being unworthy of redress, but rather, derives from the fact that the violations were not perpetrated by Israeli state authorities.

The kidnapped soldiers — Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev — are entitled to all rights that apply to prisoners of war.

We share the anxiety about their well-being, and condemn the terrible suffering that they have been forced to endure as a result of the denial of these rights by their captors. Most of all, we sincerely hope for their safe return home.
Rachel Benziman
Executive director
Association for Civil Rights in Israel


A Hora in Cancun? That and More in Mexico!

Travel writer Rita Charleston wrote: "If you're a Jewish traveler, you'll have company: Cancun has long been a mainstay with Jewish vacationers. But if you're looking for Jews with roots down here, keep looking. The Jewish community is infinitesimal in number" (Travel & Leisure: "Can Cancun Bring in the Families?" Jan. 11).

Well, the Jewish community in Cancun is small, but not that small.

Neveh Shalom has 40 registered families, a synagogue, Jewish dance classes for children and adults, social and cultural events and more.

There are also 20 or so Jewish families that occasionally participate in our activities, yet who are not registered as members of our community.
Ari Rajsbaum
Neveh Shalom
Cancun, Mexico


Care About CAIR? Group Seeks Freedom's End!

I guess letter-writer Lois Swartz doesn't care to look into what CAIR is actually doing in this country (Letters: "Have We Forgotten What It's Like to Be Hated?" April 26).

To compare this group — which can be likened to the point of an Islamic-jihad spear in the heart of America — to any group that works for the good of our nation through civil rights is beyond comprehension.

CAIR is here for one reason only — to do everything it can to use our freedoms to help bring our nation down.
Ronald Kall



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