Answer​ the Call!



As we struggle to find meaning in our lives, many of us wonder what we can do that actually makes a difference. Answering that question is precisely why support for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is more important than ever before. Federation must shoulder the responsibility for raising money to maintain local Jewish services, help individuals and families in need, support Jewish education and provide critical funds for Jews overseas.

Whether you're speaking of victims of terror in Israel and the need to rebuild that nation's war-ravaged north from damage inflicted last summer by Hezbollah, or elderly Jews in Russia and children right here in Philadelphia, Federation is there to help. There's virtually nothing you do that could change the Jewish world for the better as much as a gift to Federation. It's now time for individuals, whether they are "big" donors or only able to give modestly, to answer the call.

On Feb. 12, Federation will hold its annual Super Sunday phone-a-thon. On that day — and throughout the year — it's up to each of us to put aside communal squabbles and face up to our responsibilities in funding the needs of the Jewish present and future.

On Super Sunday, it's your turn to make a difference. 



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