It’s The New ‘Beat’ Generation!


Come Thanksgiving, no one will beat Shayna Rose to the drumsticks.

How could they? She's been twirling and handling them spectacularly already as Marina, the dreamboat/drummer/ heartbeat of "The Fresh Beat Band," the rockin' role she has on Nickelodeon's niche program for musical newbies.

A series that attracts minions from the mini-crowd … the "Band" plays to the preschool set; it's the "Beat" generation and a concept that would have Allen Ginsberg howling in appreciation for this show, which airs weekdays at noon on Nickelodeon.

Can't stop the music? Who wants to? Rare is the TV series playing up music appreciation for the applesauce set.

Marina is joined by (Chubby Checker, check this out) Twist (Jon Beavers) and Shout (Thomas Hobson); as well as Kiki (Yvette Gonzalez) as this fab four dances to a beat less about problems than personal growth.

And Shayna doesn't shy away from the personal satisfaction that comes from banging the drum slyly, yet sweetly.

A Denver native, whose Rocky Mountain highs include a stint in TV soap opera, her dares these days turn on the talent she first honed growing up in an Orthodox family, where the silent treatment was a loud part of the family's musical profile.

"My grandmother used to play piano in a silent-movie theater," says Shayna, tickled at the very notion of her Bubbie tickling the ivories.

But at home, her entreaties to study music met some flat-out no's. "I started begging for voice lessons when I was 4, and my mother called the local JCC, but they said they wouldn't take me until I was 8," recalls Shayna. "On my eighth birthday, I came down the steps and announced I'm ready for voice lessons."

A Song in Her Heart

Getting a stage presence was her birthday present. And she's used it well, untying the ribbon to tie her in with musical showcases along the way.

Song in her heart, sure, but she instead keyed in on a career in Hollywood, even after offered a scholarship in songwriting at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Mad about the music, this actress, featured in many a TV series — including a role during the first season of "Mad Men" — has never lost the muse of music.

And she's also never waned on her want to be a role model for youngsters: "Every job I've had outside" of her day job, she notes, proudly, "has been about teaching, whether it's Hebrew school or serving as an adviser for USY."


"It's no coincidence," she explains of the nuanced need to nourish others as she nurtures her own needs.

She needs no introduction to her audience, as well as their parents; if Shayna's punim is familiar to them, maybe it's because she's made impressions on "Gilmore Girls" and "Ugly Betty," too.

Beautiful is the tale she regales of how she got her names to append to the family surname of Mordue: "When my father found out my mother was pregnant with me, he went out and bought her a rose" — and continued to do so throughout the pregnancy.

Crib notes from her birth day; her family looked at her and exclaimed: "She's such a beautiful rose."

And, after all, they sang in the harmony of the heart, a Rose by any other name would not be as Shayna … .


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